Got Questions?

Hello! Welcome to Callie's Cozies. I, Callie, began this small business with all things cozy in mind. It is my goal to create a variety of items that will warm your heart all year long! The inspiration for the items on this website are found in the things that create warm memories. These could be something as simple as the first snow of winter, stories shared around a campfire, and time spent with loved ones. If you are new to this site, check out some of the categories below that might answer any questions you may have before placing your order. If you have any additional questions please send me an email at and check out the Callie's Cozies pages on Facebook and Instagram.


What we sell:

  • Handmade items: This website originally began as a business that sold handmade crocheted items made by me (Callie). This includes hats, scarves, slippers, a variety of baby items, and more!
  • Printed items: Because cozy handmade items are only in demand a few months out of the year, and to give my hands a break, my husband and I began to design and sell T-shirts. We create all of our designs and use third party print-on-demand printers to supply all of our printed items. Along with T-shirts, we also have a variety of sweatshirts and mugs in this category.


  • All handmade items are shipped directly by me. Most of the handmade items I sell are made in advance, so I am able to ship them within a day or so. In most cases, they are received within 4-7 days of being shipped.
  • All printed items are shipped by a third party. Once I submit your order to the printer, it may take several days for the item to be printed and shipped. In most cases, orders have been able to reach customers within 7-10 days. In some rare cases, the printer has been out of stock of a certain item. If this happens to your order, I will be sure to contact you using the email address you used to place your order to inform you of the delay and to find out if you prefer to wait or wish to cancel your order.


  • All sales are final. However, if you experience a problem with the product you receive (wrong size or color, etc.) please email me at and we will see if there is a way to resolve it.