I learned to crochet about 15 years ago from my college roommate. When I was first learning how to crochet I had no patience for it. I bought the biggest hook I could find (Q maybe?) and made super skinny scarves that nobody would ever want to wear. After a few months I got the hang of it and began making normal-sized scarves, along with hats and even my first blanket!

Ever since then, I have continued to make treasured handmade gifts for family and friends, while selling a few here and there along the way. Now, with the possibility of selling my items online, I am able to share these special handmade products with more people. 

There is something unique about a gift that is handmade. In today's world, few people want to spend time on anything that doesn't have an instant result. There is nothing instant about crochet. It takes patience, skill, and creativity. My hope is that the items in this shop will bring both a sense of joy to the person who received them and a physical reminder to cherish the things in life that take a little more time.